Friday, June 19, 2009

Seattle sure does have a lot of techies

Those who have never “camped out” all night in order to get a good spot in line are seriously missing out.

Last night, 14-year-old Hadley Hillel and his dad pitched a tent (waterproof, I hope) outside the University Village Apple Store in Seattle, so they would be first in line when the store opened at 6:45am today.

On Monday, several of us are headed to the 2009 DEMO Seattle meet-up mixer. Chris Shipley and Matt Marshall (of DEMO) will be there with Todd Bishop and John Cook (of TechFlash) to meet and mingle with local tech entrepreneurs.

There’ll be start-up founders pitching investors, investors mentally cataloging interesting new companies and plenty of PR people salivating over the possibilities of promoting a slick new technology.

The hosts have promised free drink tickets to the first 40 people to arrive at the event…anybody want to camp out?!?

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