Monday, December 31, 2007

Let your Green do the talking

In early December, we hosted the Seattle Greendrinks event. Hundreds of people showed up to chat, network and drink some fine beverages. We pulled some of them away from their drinks and into our podcasting studio to hear what they had to say about everything from green New Years Resolutions to the fighting prowess of Al Gore. Find what everyone had to say by clicking here to download the Greendrinks podcast!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let your GREEN do the talking

The Green Drinks event that we hosted at our office last night went off without a hitch - and from what I have heard so far it was a great time had by all. Copyrite and I had the opportunity to speak with a handful of really amazing people who are making a difference in our community and our environment everyday. We spoke with an oceanographer, a nutritionist, a producer and the man who started this whole thing, Gabrielle Scheer, among others. I wish we had had more time to interview others at the event for our podcast! We are working on editing the podcast now and it will be posted here and on the Green Drinks Website for all to download.

Gabrielle also spoke about some new things that are happening with Green Drinks like Green Lunches. You just give them your email address and they pair you up with 3 other people from Green Drinks to meet for lunch - I think it sounds exciting! You can hear all about it on the podcast.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The New, New Media

All-powerful videogame warlord Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, recently had the following to say about Blizzard's MMORPG World of Warcraft:

  • "We started analyzing the online experience and realized that World of Warcraft was like nothing we'd ever seen," Kotick says. "It's not even just a business. It's a social network with this incredible entertainment component to it. People in our industry have tried and tried to build successful online games, with Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons and all kinds of things, but most of them failed," he continues. "We realized that to do something ourselves that would be big enough to affect our margins would cost us hundreds of millions of dollars. But even if we tried, we'd probably get it wrong."

With enough clout to inspire an episode of South Park and medical research, WoW obviously has a lot of reach. Not to mention its 9+ million subscribers who pay $15 a month to run around a glorified chatroom and pew pew fireballs at each other. So polish up your nerd lingo and re-work your pitches because I know there is a Level 70 Orc Warrior who wants to hear about your super cool event while he tanks Illidan the dark lord of the Black Temple.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Eidos Dollars > Game Reviewer?

Eidos makes video games (those of you who are testosterone driven might remember them for a lil' game with big assets called Tomb Raider). They are also partly responsible for the Hitman movie trailers that keep popping up during your favorite TV show. Their big release of the year was a game called Kane & Lynch, which featured a heartwarming story of a ruthless mercenary, and heavily medicated psychopath escaping deathrow and shooting lots of random people who thankfully have no family or children to leave behind. The game has received luke warm critical reviews, averaging a 6.7/10 rating on most review sites. One of these particular reviewers, Gamespot's Jeff Gerstmann gave the game an extra dollop of loathing. Soon after the review hit, his 11 year career at Gamespot was ended due to advertising pressure from publisher Eidos. While all official responses have denied that his abysmal review of the game is the reason behind his need to move back into his parent's basement, a CNET ad rep (CNET is Gamespot's boss) later confirmed that game publisher Eidos wanted Gerstmann's head (probably not in those terms, but maybe. Those guys make videogames after all, they're crazy).
Interestingly, Valleywag has been one of the few media types that was able to get ahold of Gerstmann, by using facebook of all things.