Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?!'s taken me some time to figure out what I was going to write tonight...until a very wise, albeit young, sage confirmed my topic for this post...the best "appliance" ever made...truly...the Fry Daddy.

While from the outside...this unassuming piece of plastic with a coil-lined interior wouldn't draw much attention from the average consumer...but I'm anything but the average consumer. Simply the name of this appliance...the "Fry Daddy" is enough to garner my attention whether it is sold in Walmart or Sur La Table...I gravitated.

So for those who know would assume that I would be focused on a raclette machine (which I have), fondue pot (also) and/or Kitchenaide appliances (yup!)...but one can put one's "snobbery" (I call it "instinct" and "knowledge") aside and understand that the Fry Daddy has its place amongst the best of culinary appliances and deserves some long overdue respect...granted, I also have the "George Forman" (initially excited...since done with it) well as the Jack Lelane juicer (great juice...but does the aparatus need to be the size of a NASA satellite?!)...but the Fry Daddy...oh, the Fry Daddy...provides me such comfort I can't even begin to describe it.

There have been the quick and dirty neighborhood BBQs...where hot dogs and hamburgers are the order of the day for the youngins...but once they see those Ore Ida Fast Food fries come out of that hot and smoking Fry'd think I was the Ghandi of the kitchen...or how about the long and delicious dinner...of true culinary excellence...which then turned into the 3+ hour deep conversations over bottles of wine #3, #4, #5++...which then led to the subsequent Tater Tot and Dutch Kroket EXTRAVAGANZA...and who was at the center of said EXTRAVAGANZA?! The Fry Daddy. He/She is that reliable and dependable friend...that brings satisfaction and joy to all who experience him/her (could the Fry Daddy actually be a her?! Discuss) a world where all things culinary are fancy...shiny...expensive...endorsed by the likes of Martha Stewart and Wolfgang vote is for the under-appreciated...under-utilized...and under-funded $19.99 special called the Fry-Daddy...don't be a hater! ;)

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Emil Rodriguez said...

a very wise, albeit young, sage... this man, this prophet of food, should probably be listened to more often.

Oh hey Martin, can I have next week off?